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The Arche Collection includes revitalized historic hotels and city hotels. Each has its own history, its own unique style.
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Hotel chain of the year 2021
Winner of the HOTEL CHAIN OF THE YEAR 2021 award in the ranking 7NAJ „Hotelarza”
Polish hotel chain
Arche Group is a Polish company with Polish capital
Arche Group

Arche Group

Arche Group is the owner of a flourishing hotel chain. This was noticed and appreciated by the award of HOTEL CHAIN OF THE YEAR 2021 in the 7NAJ "Hotelarza" ranking. Due to the fact that each property is completely different, we treat our network as a unique collection.

A thriving hotel chain

ARCHE GROUP was established through the development of Arche Development Company, which has been providing professional development services since 1991. During this time many interesting projects and investments have been developed. Among the best realizations are Albatros housing estate in Ursynów, Woronicza housing estate in Mokotów, Łamana housing estate in Włochy, Villa Vogla in Wilanów, Postępu 10 housing estate in Mokotów in Warsaw and Wybickiego housing estate in Ząbki, multi-stage Bema housing estate in Piaseczno, Tobacco Park housing estate in Łódź and many others in Warsaw and its surroundings. In total, more than 10000 houses and flats were built.  
A thriving hotel chain

Hotels for everyone

Objects from the Arche Collection are characterized by high diversity. Hotels in the capital are located near Chopin Airport. Representatives of international busineses often choose to stay here for short term stays. In addition to city hotels, Arche has a large selection of historic hotels. The Arche Hotel Barracks near Warsaw, the Żnin Sugar Factory, the Palace and Manor in Łochów, the Castle in Janów Podlaski, the Uphagen Manor in Gdansk or the Tobaco Hotel in Lodz are ideal places for long-term family stays.

The Zaścianek restaurants belong to the Arche Group and offer delicious traditional Polish cuisine. Always fresh, without waiting.

1% of ARCHE's income is donated to the LENA GROCHOWSKA FOUNDATION, whose main goal is to provide housing for repatriates from Kazakhstan.        

Arche Group

Building since 1991

The Arche Group includes 17 hotels. Historical hotels: Łochów Palace and Manor, Tobacco Hotel in Łódź, Janów Podlaski Castle, Gora Kalwaria Barracks, Żnin Sugar Factory, Uphagen Manor Arche Gdańsk, and urban hotels, Arche Hotel Pulawska Residence, Arche Hotel Krakowska, Arche Hotel Geologiczna, Arche Hotel Poloneza in Warsaw, Arche Hotel in Częstochowa, Arche Hotel in Wrocław, Piła, Lublin and Siedlce, Arche Residence in Łódź. In 2021, the production of hotel units based on shipping containers, set up in various interesting locations as part of dispersed hotels under the Arche Siedlisko brand, was launched. Such hotels are already receiving Guests. In Ujmy in the Świętokrzyskie Province, Piłka in the Silesian Province and Rogaczy in the Podlaskie Province. Existing and emerging hotels are also changing. Own brands are emerging, such as Krainy Polskie and Kraina Zdrowia and Arche Podróże. In addition to the traditional hotel business, they perform many other functions. These include local community centers, cultural centers - Arche Bookstore, Arche Museum sKraj Kultur, office workspaces, rooms for long-term stays, delicatessens with regional products. In addition to real estate development and hotel operations, the Arche Group manages the Kuchnia za Ścianą bar chain in Warsaw and the Commercial Park in Siedlce. Within the Arche Group there are two non-profit organizations: the Arche Community Association and the Lena Grochowska Foundation.

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