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The long-awaited months of May and June and the implementation of team-building trips are approaching. Did you know that, according to scientific studies, organizing company trips has a very positive impact on the development of the organization? Let's face it, we often work hybrid, we simply need meetings. And while many companies are cutting costs, they shouldn't skimp on integration.
So how do you plan to keep your team comfortable without breaking the bank? It depends on many factors. Not everyone likes bowling or outdoor activities. Some prefer campfires, others elegant restaurants. It is certain that among many people there will be those who will not like the organization of the integration. It is worth choosing places that offer something more.  
Unorthodox spaces, green areas and contact with nature will certainly be a good direction to organize this time. After all, who wouldn't want to go wild in a former sugar factory or a historic manor house? If we look at the Arche Group, which has 17 facilities in its portfolio across Poland, we can see not only multifunctionality that promotes integration, but also an additional CSR aspect. For many years, the group has included the Lena Grochowska Foundation, which employs people with disabilities and also runs refugee homes throughout Poland. By organizing events at Arche, you can contribute to a wide range of social activities. But that's not all. For many years, the Foundation has been organizing creative workshops in ceramics, bread baking or painting, which participants remember for a long time. Often it is employees with intellectual disabilities who play the role of instructors, and participants in such meetings receive a strong dose of sensitivity in the package, in addition to learning painting or ceramics.
If you like idyllic views, you should definitely pay attention to Arche Siedliska. The 3-star standard container houses are located in the middle of the charming Polish countryside. Siedliska also includes outbuildings, including barns, where it is possible to organize team-building activities. Together with regional delicacies, prepared by local housewives' groups, the whole trip turns out to be an easy and certainly unforgettable integration project.    

If you are looking for inspiration for an interesting team-building trip, please contact our central sales department. We will prepare creative solutions and an unforgettable team building trip for you.

Kamil Maciąg
Director of the Central Sales and Marketing Department

Paulina Czerwińska
Sales Manager, Central Sales Department
531 279 368

Patryk Smentek
Sales Manager, Central Sales Department
531 323 536

Agnieszka Podraza
Sales Manager, Central Sales Department
535 092 820

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