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Accommodations for business 1 agreement 16 hotels

Accommodations for business 1 agreement 16 hotels
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Business accommodation

with a package of additional services

Taking into account the dynamics of accommodation prices, it is worth taking care of fixed conditions throughout the year. If you choose Arche Hotels Collection, you will be able to enjoy accommodation all over Poland on the basis of fixed price lists. You will no longer be surprised by high increases in accommodation prices and you will be able to settle your stay at the end of the month.


Warsaw, Lodz, Lublin, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Czestochowa, Siedlce, Saw, Znin, Gora Kalwaria, Lochow, Janow Podlaski.

Fixed price

all year round


  • guarantee of the best fixed price for accommodation throughout the year,
  • 16 locations across Poland,
  • flexible cancellation terms and the possibility to pay at the end of the month,

Package of additional



  • 5% discount on gift vouchers for stays in Arche Collection hotels,
  • 5% discount on the purchase of gift packages for companies,
  • 5% discount on the purchase of an investment apartment in current and newly built Arche facilities.

Contact us and we will prepare a comprehensive accommodation offer for you and your company.


Przemysław Nowak 
Sales Manager Central Sales Department​
570 593 557


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